SPED 323 Practicum in Reading Assessment and Tutoring

This was a turning point in my teaching education where I had my first internship in a school system. My placement was at Buckingham Elementary School in a 5th grade classroom. I first took a QRI assessment to determine his reading level and found he had a 3rd grade reading level. I prepared material to work on in our tutoring sessions and charted his growth. He made tremendous progress and both myself, his teachers, and my professor from longwood were impressed with my student’s success. I was happy to apply my skills in a real setting and learn that I made an effective program and helped my student succeed.

These graphs demonstrate the significant results my student achieve after he received personalized tutoring. His ability to read grade level words increased tremendously as seen in the world list graph. His oral reading fluency increased as well. His comprehension question scores either remained at the same level or improved, as shown in the third graph. In the last graph, it displays the formative assessments I took during each lesson I gave him throughout our tutoring sessions. Upon presenting my results to my professors and classmates, they were all very impressed with my student’s growth after my effective interventions. This prepared me to work with other students in the future.