Honors: Historical Inquiry 1: Early History of Faith

This was a very challenging class with many course readings and essay assignments. Although it was hard, Dr. Isaac taught me to always try to discover the truth behind historians’ theses. I learned that many people may look at past events with current biases and how people must reduce their biases as much as possible. Dr. Isaac enlightened my understanding that although there are historical records, most are incomplete, and it is up to interpretation to determine significant meanings yet remain as historically accurate as possible. I have grown in my ability to understand historians’ meanings and views by reading articles from several types of perspectives.

This was a book report on a challenging historical book. The book was presented in an easy way to explain the complex series of events regarding Joan of Arc’s life. I was proud of my ability in attempting to place a thesis on this great work. I argued that without proven fact, scholarly discourse is impossible due to biases and untested theories may cloud the truth of past events. This book review demonstrates my ability to write theses and understand works to the best of my ability.