HIST 221 US History Colonial-1877

Like all of my classes, I enjoyed this one. Dr. Meadows often would get off topic because he is so passionate about history. I loved his lectures because I was learning so much on a topic I enjoy so much. I love history. This class was easy for me because I can retain information, as long as it interests me, which History does. The only thing challenging for me is when we had to go online when campus shut down. I had to learn how to work with online lecture videos. I was challenging, but I was able to adapt.

Source Analysis of Antebellum United States

I learned a lot from this assignment. We were given five sources to analyze they way people felt during the Antebellum period of the United States. Several hard truths of inequality were learned from interpreting the true meanings from the sources. Inequality truths that still remain relevant today, especially right now as the Black Lives Matter Movement has never been stronger. They call out the injustice and unfairness that occurs now, just like my essay’s sources mention the inequalities in the Antebellum period.