SPED 305 Behavior Management

This was one of my favorite classes at Longwood. I learned several strategies for how to influence undesired student behaviors and how to work with students to achieve behavioral goals. This class taught me how most behaviors are chosen and caused by a prior or immediate event. I was given a framework to use when determining the cause for a behavior and how to work with the student to meet their needs with an appropriate method. I used the framework and de-escalation strategies in my practicum placements and realized that I need more experience. I am planning to use what I have learned in my upcoming student teaching placement when working with students.

This charted data was an important indicator of how often a selected student is off task compared to a normal performing student’s behavior. I data at several intervals across multiple days and compared the two. By taking this data, I found the significance of how much time the student was engaging in off-task behaviors and developed a plan for him to be more engaged in his classwork.