SPED 321 Reading and Language Arts for Students with Exceptional Needs

This class was one of my most challenging courses. I learned stages of language acquisition, normal developmental trends in developing literary skills, and how to access students. There was a lot to learn and practice but I was able to learn and apply my skills in practicum 323 placement with my tutoring student. I learned there is a lot more to language arts and how to teach it effectively. I plan to further improve my knowledge and skills in teaching language arts in my student teaching placements this spring.

The artifact above is one example of notes I took during this course. I chose to include this document to show the variety of skills I had to learn and use during my SPED 323 practicum. The skills are numerous but all equally important to master. I recognize that there are more skills I need to learn and become proficient enough to teach. During my student teaching, I will be asking my placement teachers suggestions on how to teach and help students learn language arts.