PHYS 103 Conceptual Physics

This class moved at a slower pace than I am used to. One challenging thing was that our lectures did not match up with what the textbook covered in each chapter. I know this class was conceptual, but it moved too slow for me. I had to be patient. Another challenge is that I had to do my homework on the computer, which is difficult because I prefer to work out my equations on pen and paper. This class frustrated me, but the professor was kind and helpful. I feel like I grew from this experience by taking things slow and moving with the current.

Simple Circuits

This was our first online lab after campus shut down. The instructions were confusing, but I managed to figure it out. Having to do online labs was one of the hardest things I had to do last semester. I often imagined what outcome would occur in real life and tried that option in the online simulator. I love doing science labs, but not online. This is another area where I had to adapt to what I have been given and do the best I can, I guess that is all anyone can do.