SPED 451 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

This was another interesting yet difficult class. I already had some prior knowledge of ASD, but I found there was a lot more to learn. I was intrigued how the definition of ASD has changed from the 1940s to present as new research became published. This is an example that our information and understanding is everchanging, and it is important to continue learning throughout my career. I have thought about working with students who have ASD when I become a teacher after my prior experiences in high school and my internships in college. I will use what I have learned when assisting students and educating others.

This poster was presented at a research showcase last fall. My partner and I examined various music therapy programs which were designed to increase verbal communication and students’ social and emotional skills. I enjoyed researching about music therapy since it is a field which I am interested in. Unfortunately, the results of the various programs we examined showed minimal growth, yet growth nonetheless. My partner and I agree that these studies could be made more efficient if researchers wish to run retrials with a new group.