ENGL 382 Grammar: Theory and Practice

This was my second class with Dr. Ruday, and another class I enjoyed. Before this class, I didn’t know a lot about grammar nor how it was used. I studied the textbooks hard and now have a better understanding of what grammar is, why it is important, and how to use it in my professional writing. A challenge to this class was my lack of knowledge on this subject. I couldn’t follow fast enough to understand Dr. Ruday’s lectures. I came up with a solution that made me successful: I read the chapters before each class so I would have some background knowledge of the lecture’s topic. I will strive to read assigned reading chapters before my classes in the future.

In this paper, I was able to choose one topic of grammar and explain what it is and how to teach it. I chose to use conjunctions because they are so commonly used. In fact, I used conjunctions in this paragraph and in the last one.