MATH 135 Mathematical Modeling of Functions

The most challenging thing of this class was making it at 8 am! Dr. Wears is a very kind professor, and his son too. Plugging numbers into exponential functions were easy for me. Dr. Wears had us do something I have never done before, write a math paper. We had to embed all of our equations and answers, but still have our assignment sound like a letter to a friend. This was hard, but a little fun at the same time. I now know know how to recreate this again if needed. I have taken away the importance in starting your retirement early.

Asking for a Friend

This is one of those interesting assignments Dr. Wears gave out. We had to address a friend we supposedly met for dinner last night and I could not sleep knowing their awful financial decision to put off saving for retirement. Dr. Wears gave us a series of options we were to calculate the answers and embed the information in our paper. Our goal was to convince our “friend” to rethink their decision and choose the best option for saving for their retirement. The real goal of this assignment was to convince ourselves how important saving for retirement is, and how to do it right. I just don’t know how we can save in the real world because the idealistic interest rates we used in class were 7% and 8%, something no college student will ever get.