SPED 202 Intro to Special Education

This was my first major specific class. Dr. Khan taught my class and I learned a whole lot. I loved the content and would ask him in depth questions regarding special education both in and outside of class. I learned how to write a research paper and discovered new methods for researching information using Longwood’s Library resources. I am glad this was the first class in my journey to become a special education teacher. I learned so much.

Repeated Reading Strategies

This was the poster my partner and I crated and presented at the Research and Inquiry Fair. I did more work than what was required, but because I wanted to show of or anything, but because I wanted to learn more and have the most accurate information. I want to be able to use this information in my future classroom. I figured the more work I do now will make me a better teacher so I can better help my future students. I enjoyed working on this assignment. Working with my partner was difficult, but another skill I needed to develop.