COMM 101 Introduction to Public Speaking

This class challenged me more than I originally thought, but I am grateful for the experience. I learned to become a more effective speaker when presenting and cooperating with other students. This class increased my confidence as well. Of the many skills I learned and practiced, learning to rehearse a speech and prepare effective note cards are the skills I will definitely use the most in the future. I made some friends in that class who I would talk to whenever we saw one another as well. I believe the importance of learning public speaking cannot be overstated for careers which deal with communicating with others.

This persuasive speech was delivered near the end of the course, and I chose to include this speech since I am most proud of this speech. My communications professor told us to choose a topic that I was passionate about, and I choose why it is important to thank teachers and those who have guided us. I vividly remember delivering this speech because I spoke with logic in the beginning, then focused on speaking to emotions. More teachers need to be appreciated, thus I wanted to deliver this speech. The class all agreed, and everyone was engaged during my speech.