Math 313 Geometry and Reasoning

This class challenged me to think more spatially and use mathematical logic skills when solving equations and find areas where sample students were struggling. My geometry and reasoning class was helpful in building my ability to analyze where some students may have had difficulty in their understanding of geometry skills and how to target those skills to bring the sample students back to the classroom level of instruction. I have used the analytical skills I developed when teaching group math lessons in my practicum 327 class at Prince Edward Middle School. The teacher agreed with the insights I made after examining student tests and hearing student thinking processes.

The artifact above was a response to reading an article created by Van Heile. I obtained many insights of how students learn to think mathematically and logically. The most important thought was of the five levels of geometric understanding students must learn in order to have a strong foundation to understand more complex math theories. Van-Heile explained how students must learn each level in order and students who may lack understanding of a level must be retaught. It was an insightful article and one I will refer to in my future teaching.