MATH 309 Numeration Systems

I enjoyed this class because it involved a different viewing of mathematics. Instead of solving complex equations like rotational math classes, we looked at methods for teaching elementary math to young students. We used a lot of manipulatives, like base 10 blocks, pattern tiles, fraction tiles, two-sided counters, and more to explain, demonstrate, and solve elementary math problems. I enjoyed this class a lot because everything I learned was practical for me to use in the future when I become a teacher. Dr. Timmerman was very passionate about math and told stories about when she taught in elementary school, and about the research and math theories she has done and taught to post graduates and other people with doctorates. Numeration Systems was an interesting and different way to view math.

This was a fun project. I had to view the content standards for elementary mathematics on the Virginia Standards of Learning website and design math problems that align with those standards. I made questions and provided four possible answers, and spoke about why three were wrong, and why one was the correct answer. This project was extremely practical as I can definitely see myself creating questions which meet my future students’ content goals.