MUSC 448 Integrated Arts: Music

This was my second class with Dr. Secoy. I was very interested in how to incorporate music in a classroom setting to teach lessons of different subject. Students also learned how to teach students rhymes and how to play ukulele. One of the lessons I will take with me is how to use music in combination with teaching lessons of various subjects. I believe this will be very helpful in obtaining student engagement and students are more likely to remember material they learn through song. I volunteered and worked with students with special needs who enjoyed making music in Longwood Life and was able to see the effects of music in a classroom firsthand.

This body percussive lesson entails the use of a rhyme poem and coordinated movements, such as claps, stomps, sliding the hands together, and pats. I wrote a rhyme and found movements to pair with. I enjoyed teaching this lesson to the class. This lesson may seem simple, but it builds on a student’s working memory, fine and gross motor skills, and their body coordination. This lesson was designed to teach 1st and second grade students.