KINS 389 Methods for Teaching Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers

This course was taught by Dr. Lucas, whom I worked with during my time volunteering and working with Longwood Life. His course opened my eyes to the benefits of incorporating movement in a classroom environment. I was surprised of how locomotion movement can be used to complement any subject of learning and how students can benefit from movement in a classroom. There were a couple of fun assignments where my partner and I created movement lesson plans while teaching elementary core and physical education SOLs. I have planned to use movement in my future classroom during lessons and for brain breaks. I am confident that the skills I learned in this course will benefit my future students.

The document above was the first lesson plan activity I created in KINS 389. My partner and I chose to teach about the food pyramid and designed an activity for students to use index cards to identify healthy and unhealthy foods. The lesson was not perfect, but my partner and I gained valuable insights of how to create a more effective lesson and how to create a safe environment for physical activity in a classroom or gym setting.