Honors ENGL 165 Writing and Rhetoric

I have never been a strong writer, but I took a liking to this class. Taught by Dr. Sean Ruday, this was the best English class I have ever taken. I never realized there is different styles of writing for different academic fields. All of which I will be incorporating in my future classes. Dr. Ruday had table mates create power points about what we have learned from a designated section of reading. I was able to get to know my other classmates better and discuss what we have learned. It was a new way of learning for me. I never had to do so many power points and talk about them in front of the class. This class made me more comfortable with this process and public speaking. I will continue to develop my writing in all of my future classes.

Cat’s In the Cradle

Nov 13, 2019

I enjoyed writing that paper. I have never been excited to write before, and it was a cool and new feeling. I was able to write about any song or poem, and I thought “Cat’s in the Cradle” would be a great example to go in-depth.