EDUC 245 Human Growth and Development

My second class with Dr. Khan, I knew there would be a lot of work, but I was prepared from SPED 202. I learned so much from this class. I had no idea there were so many different models for learning and different tests for measuring intelligence. I had to work with a classmate often. I am not used to working with others, so this was especially challenging for me. Dividing up the work and communicating was hard, but I was able to accomplish all of my assignments with my partner. I enjoyed the content very much, and I picked up a few tips and resources from my text book I will definitely try in my future classroom!

Yannick and My Research Essay


Here is a paper about the differences between Rural and Urban schools. This assignment was already challenging, when COVID-19 shut down campus and we had to go home, completing this assignment became even harder. This research essay forced me to obtain a better understanding over how to communicate better using technology and to hold more trust in my partner. Once completed, Yannick were both proud of ourselves, and each other after the craziness we both experienced trying to finish it.