SPED 325 Introduction to Assessment

When I registered for this class, I thought it would be hard and challenging, but I really enjoyed taking this class. I had Dr. Feathers and she was great. She worked really hard to have a class in-person last fall, and that made the class really enjoyable. I learned what a Curriculum Base Measurement (CBM) was and how to create and assess students. More importantly, I learned the reason why we assess students to begin with. I enjoyed reading different scenarios and scoring and the date, then graphing the results to see if an added intervention had any affect on a student’s performance. I felt that the information I learned in class is very practical and I will be using assessments when I am a teacher, I feel like my data analysis ability has improved because I can better interpret what the data and the scores mean.

I made lesson plans for two hypothetical students with different special needs. I adapted the SOL standards to better suit each student’s level of performance and created tools and aids (a chart) which would help each student. I enjoyed all of the real-life projects we have done in class. I feel more confident in my ability to make lesson plans and adapt material, but I know I still have a lot to learn.