EDUC 205 Project Success

This was an interesting class but changeling class, not because of the content, but because of the people I worked with. This class was designed to make students become citizen leaders and develop strategies that would help them succeed in college. I learned about the different types of leaders and professionalism needed in all professional settings. The most memorable and challenging experience was the group community service project we had to do. It was hard because my group mates were difficult to work with and gave up when we couldn’t get a project going. We ended up drafting a plan to build a little library for a daycare. I did not like the notion that after drafting a plan, we wouldn’t help the daycare, and suggested that we conduct a book drive for the preschoolers. I contacted Alpha Phi Omega and we raised over 50 books for the daycare. I was happy we could help in some way.

We took a strengths assessments at the beginning of the semester and evaluated and reflected on our strengths. It was hard because I feel I don’t fit inside of 5 strengths, but have many more and am a flexible individual.