A Letter to my Senior Self

A Letter to my Senior Self

Brady Hurlich

Dear Brady,

First, congratulations on earning your bachelor’s degree!! I know you have worked hard to come this far, but there is still more to go. You will be going for your Master’s in Special Education in the Fall but enjoy this summer! Take a trip to some cool places!

You have worked hard these past years and have upheld your principles, both self-made and from the three pillars in the Honors College. You have made several connections in Farmville’s and Longwood’s community. By making friends and helping others, you are a proud member of this community. You have labored hard in your studies as an Honors scholar. You have always gone the extra mile in the things that you find important. You are a life-long learner, and college is only the beginning. There is always more to learn. You have given your time to better the community around you in your hours of service. As a member of Alpha Phi Omega and during Honors service opportunities, you have always had a drive to help others. You are a generous person who sees the importance in helping others, so never change.

I hope you have been working during your time as an undergraduate. Either working during the summers or while on campus, to make ends meet. I hope you have $50,000 or less in debt if possible. I know finding that balance between schoolwork, having a job, and a social life can be tough.

You are closer to becoming a special education teacher than you think. You have taken opportunities that have arisen to gain more experience to become a better prepared teacher. Your internships and student teaching opportunities have allowed you to use your teaching skills in different situations, with a variety of populations. Your patient and caring attitude will serve you well in navigating whatever lies ahead for you as a teacher.

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