PHYS 121

I thought the jump from general physics I to general physics II was going to be scary, I mean usually you see the classes get harder as you go up, but I was pleasantly surprised. The teacher was different for one, we now had Dr. Ross, who begrudgingly let me use my iPad for my notes, and two, the content was so much easier! Dr. Ross treated us all as if we were 5 years old and were learning basic addition, but I did not mind one bit. I much prefer taking it slow and having every step worked out multiple times so I can actually understand what I am learning. Along with that, the topics were just easier too. In physics I, it was more theories and what ifs, but in PHYS 121, it was basically just math! And I love math! I definitely was a lot more comfortable in this class that my previous one, and I found that I understood the material so much easier. Also! We were allowed to draw in class, like Dr. Ross literally provided coloring pages and colored pencils for us. Apparently he had read a study that doodling is one of the best ways to retain information, and rather than us get distracted other ways, he allowed us to draw. Which I really liked and appreciated. Although sometimes I think I colored more than I took notes, but regardless I finished with an A so no harm done. I am again seeing that I am much more comfortable in classes that are math oriented, if only they had a statistics minor or I would have tried squeezing that into my schedule too.

Below is my best exam from the semester! I was really proud to start off so strong.

Physics 121 Test 1 (Spring 2022)