PSYC 101

This course was titled “Introduction into Psychology,” and I took it because it helped fulfil a reequipment for my premed concentration. To be honest, I had never thought about taking a psychology class before. When I think about psychology, I think of “what if” scenarios that make you question your morals and how good of a person you are. This class avoided all that though, and just covered all the basics of what causes a person to think the way they do. It was actually a really interesting class and I found myself being both surprised and appalled at some of the things I learned. I think what fascinated me the most is how science can explain so much of why someone is the way they are. From chemicals to nerve overlaps to early mental trauma, one’s personality or behavior can be explained all thanks to science. It almost takes away ones individuality since one only has to meet certain markers to know how they may turn out and why. But that is exactly why I liked this class so much. I like knowing that almost everything can be explained and why it happens, ever if it took a lot of weird theories to get here. I think the most challenging part of this course was trying to understand where some of the earlier psychologists thought up their theories, and why they even wanted them to be correct, such as the Oedipus Complex.

The main project for this course was to write a research paper on a psychological topic of one’s choice. I chose to research the desensitization of medical students during their years at medical schools and the loss of empathy that comes with it. Since I want to become a doctor and attend medical school, I felt connected to this issue.

The Process of Desensitization in Medical Students and the Loss of Empathy that Follows (Summer 2021)