ISCI 100

Life Stem Seminar

This class was one of the required ones for freshmen in the LIFE STEM program. Essentially this class was an extra way to help new students in preparing for their first year of college while also helping STEM students know what was expected of them. This was a really easy class as it was mainly reflections on what had occurred throughout the semester and different activities to help us prepare for the future. One of these activities was a 4 year plan of what classes we wanted to take, which proved to be really helpful when signing up for second semester courses. Overall this was a great class to help me get comfortable with Longwood and the STEM program. It provided a lot of support and resources for anxiety, time management and exam preparation which I appreciated. We also got to learn about some of Farmville’s history in this class when we visited the Moton Museum.

Here is the 4 year plan I made!

isa 4 Year Plan