SOCL 105

This course was my first introduction into sociology, titled “Sociology in Practice.” To be honest, I didn’t really understand the point of the class until I took it. I guess to me a lot of what I thought sociology was was common sense, until every class the professor asked for our opinions and I realized how differently people really think. From religion, to baby showers, to genocide in Africa, every topic was covered and discussed and I realized how important sociology is. There is so much that connects human behavior, cultural norms and social institutions, and it explains how each person can end up so unique even when raised in similar environments. I ended up really enjoying the class, and if they offered a class on nature vs nurture then I would definitely take it, because I could see how that argument could fall into the sociology realm.

There was really only one project for this class and it was a paper meant to link a topic that was discussed in multiple research papers. In other words, it was a literature review with my own opinion and personality included, and I had to determine three undying problems that connected in every peer reviewed article. It was interesting to research a topic that wasn’t the type of science I am used to, and to see how it is more relevant in the lives around me compared to what I would normally write papers on. I decided to write on how Covid-19 has lead to an increased knowledge gap in K12 education, especially for students of color and low income.

Problem Synthesis (Spring 2022)