CHEM 211

Organic chemistry is probably the class I’ve been the most nervous for so far. I mean you hear from everyone who’s ever taken it how terrible it is! If you were to look up “hardest class to take in college,” I bet you that organic chemistry is in the top 5, if not at #1. (Side note, I actually decided to check and the first 3 links all sided with me) Anyways, I was so scared for this class. Luckily the professor was amazing and made it at least enjoyable to attend class. However this did not help with my understanding of the material. I remember distinctly when Dr. Yeagley said that there are those who it just clicks for and those who it never does. Yeah. Guess which group I belonged to. Needless to say the semester was full of stress inducing, anxiety riddled and sleepless nights. I don’t think I ever understood what organic chemistry was about and I still don’t. But I do know that carbon is involved. This class was my wake up call that sometimes no amount of studying is going to help and sometime you just have to be clueless about a subject. And that is ok. I was lucky to have an amazing teacher and even more amazing friends to help me get through it.

I do like to look back now and at least say “I did that, I beat Orgo!” I made it out in one piece and I still want to be a doctor, so at least it didn’t break me completely. Unfortunatly having a chemistry minor means taking Organic Chemistry II…. so wish me luck.

Advanced Resonance Quest (Spring 2020)