Letter to My Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,

Who knew time would pass by so fast? Everyone always says it does, but who really wants to believe that. Yet I know you made every second count and welcomed the changes that occurred. Right now, it is almost the end of your first semester at college, and you have already embraced Longwood as your home away from home. You have finally found a rhythm that works for you, from balancing classes and soccer, to spending time with your friends, to having built your own community. You still find it weird to think you’re almost halfway done with your first year of college but still can’t believe you’re no longer a senior in high school anymore. For some reason, the month of October makes you miss being back home more than anything, but you’re excited to be celebrating your favorite time of year with your new friends. Hopefully by senior year you have found an apartment to live in and can decorate however you want and put out fall themed candles. By senior year you should be successfully wrapping up your courses to get a major in biology and have been accepted into a medical school. You should be having a great soccer season and loving your last season with your girls. It is going to be so weird having to start over again after four years of getting comfortable, but I’m proud of you for everything you have accomplished. I know it isn’t always easy and there are times you wanted to just stop but look how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go. I hope these past 4 years have been amazing and that you’ve loved every second of it. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your life.

-2019 Isa :))