KINZ 215

This class was called Exercise is Medicine and essentially focused on why physical activity is so important in having a healthy lifestyle and how it can help a lot of mental and physical health. Overall I really enjoyed this class, it was really interesting to learn about how what race or class you were could impact your health or ability to physically active. There are a lot more variables at play that contribute to a persons health then I realized, and I found myself really intrigued by some the of facts I learned. I think some of the most interesting things I learned was that your chemical makeup could actually determine what workout is best for you, since some people can keep working out and never notice a difference because their body isn’t made for it. I felt like there was a lot of busy work in this class but everything was pretty easy to understand and see how its relevant in one’s own life. I also liked that the professor encouraged us to go out and sign up for activities we normally wouldn’t, for example I ended making a racket ball team and it was super fun.

Here is my end of the semester assignment that we had to work on during the whole semester!