BIO 251

This class was one of the first ones I had that was centered around Ecology and how the world has been impacted by the actions of humans. Overall, I really enjoyed this class because it placed me in perspectives I had yet to be challenged by and I gained a lot of knowledge on the impacts we have on the earth. I wasn’t particularly challenged by this class, but it was refreshing compared to the other science based classes I had taken. I really enjoyed learning more about global warming and coral bleaching, even though I hate that they’re occurring I like having the knowledge to teach others about the negative effects we have on our world. I hope I can take more classes centered around the environment going forward because learning about pollution and such really interests me.

Final Human Demography Paper (Fall 2020)

The importance of this artifact was so apply our new skills at observing human demography and how the lifespan of humans has changed over time.

Final Presentation (Fall 2020)

We had to focus on a topic where humans have had a negative impact on the environment and what can be done to help fix the issue.

Influence of Pesticides on Bird Abundance in Santa Barbara, CA