PHYS 120

General physics was probably one of the classes I was the most nervous for, definitely the one I questioned the most in terms of its relevance to obtaining a degree in biology. My only experience with physics had been in high school, where I jumped straight into the AP level course, and where the teacher assumed we had all four years of previous experience in physics. Needless to say I was expecting the same over whelming confusion as I had in that class, but luckily Dr. Pestka was a huge and much appreciated improvement. I have found that since starting college, any class that is going to be focused around math and formulas is probably going to be a class I really like. Physics surprised me with how much I was able to understand it and adapt to different problems. It was still a harder class for sure and required tons of studying where I just rewrote all the problems over and over again, but it was a satisfying one. I was really proud of how I did in this class and that I was able to overcome the anxiety I had for it.

For my artifact I chose the first notes I took in the class, where I doodled a little image of a clown juggling. On the first day Dr. Pestka demonstrated the laws of physics with some juggling acts, and that’s how I knew it would be a great class to be in.

Chapter One Notes (Fall 2021)