BIO 120

Integrative Biology

As a biology major, this is one of the required classes freshman must take, with this being the honors version. While in high school, I took two years of biology, including AP Biology. This class closely resembled it and went over the same topics overall. There wasn’t much discussed in integrative biology that I hadn’t already been taught about, so it was mainly a refresher. Despite it being the same context, I felt that the tests were easier than in high school and I thought the quizzes given before hand were a nice outline of what was to be expected on the exams. I was still challenged through out this class as I was required to know more material in shorter time frame, but consistent studying and completing homework really helped with drilling in the information. I really liked the professor in this class, despite the topics being easy to get bored with, the professor always made me look forward to coming to class. Dr. Z was definitely the professor I became the closest to and was a great extra mentor to have to go to for a multitude of reasons. I really hope I can have one of his classes again! Overall though, I was surprised by how close this class reassembled my AP Biology class and was a little bit relived that I wasn’t having to learn a ton of new material my first semester and could become familiar with the basics.

We had a group project for the second half of the first semester where we could alter a certain plant types conditions and observe how it altered variables like height or number or leaves. For my group, we changed the type of light the plants were exposed to. This is the link to the presentation!

Final Project (Fall 2019)