ISCI 121 (Entering Research II)

This class was much like ISCI 120, but it focused on creating a complete proposal and presentation rather than just research. It was interesting to learn the different steps of a making proposal and why a well detailed one is important in securing the tools and money need to carry out experiments. My focus for this semester was much like first semester, will pollution found in water ways being my main interest. This time I explored methods to decrease the amount of pollution coming from road runoff that was entering water ways by implementing different filtration systems. While most of the proposal was just an accumulation of other research conducted, it was still interesting to learn the process I may have to carry out one day to collect my own data. I am definitely going to miss this class and the professor!

Here is the link to my final presentation of the proposal!

And here is the link to my personal presentation where we were allowed to chose a scientific article of our choice and present about it! Mine was definitely different compared to the other subjects picked !!AtgCu5ri5VEGhis_vZMMZl28zTyD?e=92U8c5