BIOL 496

Rainwater Cistern Metagenomic (Internship/Directed Study)

This was my first time doing research with a professor, but instead of it being more individual based it was a group of students working together. For our research we focused on using Metagenomics to identify microorganisms present in rainwater collection systems. Even though it wasn’t as hands on as I was expecting, it was still a great experience. I really enjoyed learning about a topic I had never even thought about. When it comes to rainwater harvesting, that water us mostly used for laundry, watering lawns and plants, but for some that may be their source of water to bath in or even drink. Since it can be used for domestic use, it made sense that the people using the water should know if there were any bacteria that could potentially be harmful. This internship was more of a proposal to the research we wanted to conduct but unfortunately the data we sent off wasn’t analyzed in time for us to actually go over and determine what the results meant. So even though that was kind of disappointing, I still really enjoyed my time doing the research!

Below is the poster we made for the Spring showcase, itjust goes over background and what we would have liked to accomplish if we had had more time.

Genetic Detection of Bacteria in Water Collection Systems (Spring 2022)