ISCI 120 (Entering Research I)

Entering Research 1 reminded me of my microbiology class in high school, so the material presented to me wasn’t anything new, which was helpful. The main difference between Entering research and my microbiology class was the amount of writing and the level of research required. I enjoyed this class even if the length of the papers were sometimes stressful since I didn’t know how to talk about the same topic for so long without repeating myself. This class has made me excited for future research outside of the class and getting to work on a long term project that I’mm really into. I feel like this class has really helped in fine-tuning my skills when it comes to writing a scientific paper and the components included. The main research project I worked on dealt with the abundance of microplastics present in relation to the Chesapeake Bay shoreline. I really enjoyed researching and learning about microplastics because before this class I really didn’t understand them. I’m excited to see if next semesters entering research is more in-depth and if we get to work on other experiment with more choice involved.

Here is the link to my final presentation on microplastics!