ENG 310

This class was called the Ecological Imagination and was really focused on looking at how science can be portrayed to a broader audience through writing. It looked into how often there is a disconnect with people and the evidence brought to them about issues occurring because they are unable to relate or understand. In this class, we read several novels depicting how through the use of memoir or changing perspectives in writing, we can connect with the readers and make them feel as if they are personally impacted. I really enjoyed this class because it was really interesting to see how these authors were able to portray their evidence in a way that wasn’t straightforward, but through storytelling, and was actually more impactful. The discussions we had in class really drew out some cool ideas, such as that more things are connected than we realize, so much that we do goes back around to effect use one way or another. My favorite novel we read was called “Living Downstream,” by Sandra Steingraber. It was a really great read with a lot of memoir incorporated in, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about how pollution in the environment can lead to cancer. This class was definitely tricky to get a rhythm, with, there were two teachers, meaning there were two different grading styles, so it was learning curve trying to find a middle that appeased the science and english professors. I’d definitely recommend this class to those that love to learn about the environment and the damage we’ve done to it, because I came away with a more knowledgeable perspective.

Here is my final paper, it is a literature review on the novel, “The Overstory.” (Fall 2020)