BIOL 412

Home made bagels curtesy of Dr. White (Fall 2021)

Biochemistry I is by far the class that kicked my butt the hardest where I wasn’t expecting it. I mean I understood being completely lost in Organic Chemistry, but this class really gave me a run for my money. I’m still not sure why it was so hard for me to understand what was being taught in this course. I really struggled with the application portion of this class, I could memorize the notes, but I couldn’t comprehend the whys being everything. If it weren’t for Dr. White, I would have definitely suffered a lot more. Luckily Dr. White supplied us with his homemade goodies all semester, from jello, to bagels, to baklava, to banana bread. He even managed to relate some of the food items to the topics of the course, which made it really fun.

While I love biology, and I love chemistry, I don’t think my area of expertise lies within the combination of the two. I think all the overlapping metabolic processes and information was just too much for me to handle. I wonder how I would do in this class if I get the chance to take it again in medical school, I could see myself being better in it in a couple of years.

For the artifact, I chose to include a draft of the metabolic map we had to create. I think it captures the clutteredness and craziness my mind was experiencing all semester.

Metabolic Map Draft (Fall 2021)