Reflection of Mentoring

The first year of having a mentor while in the LIFE STEM program was amazing! I loved my mentor and felt that we had a very nice connection in terms of our view points and ability to get along so easily. While I wasn’t sure when I’d have the time to meet with my mentor every week in the first semester, I found I was looking forward to our meeting and was disappointed when they got cut to once every two weeks. I think having an assigned mentor that fit closest to what one was looking for was a really smart idea and worked out amazing. My mentor was someone I was able to express my concerns and questions to without fear or judgement and I found support when I doubted myself in certain areas. Having a mentor allowed me to decompress once every two weeks and just go over everything that had occurred during that time; what was worrying me, what I had accomplished and what I was looking forward to. It was also reassuring to know I had another person on campus looking out for me that was only an email away in case I needed their advice. I am very grateful for my mentor and all that hes done to help me with completing my first year of college! I look forward to meeting with him once school starts back up in the fall!