MATH 301

Applied Statistics

This class was definitely one of my favorites of the second semester! I really enjoyed statistics when I took it in high school and the majority of what was covered at Longwood was familiar. The professor did introduce a new way to solve the problems I hadn’t seen before using a system called rStudio, which reminded me of coding. It took a little getting used to but it ended up being really helpful and let me see all my data in a more organized way. He also introduced stat reports, which I didn’t have previous experience doing. However, I loved completing them, they almost made me wish I was a statistics major instead! This class really did confirm my love for stats and how I hope to take more classes related to it in the future. With my previous statistics class, my teacher explained why stats are so important and how they are involved in every job, and with this class it opened my eyes even more. I think it is so cool that some numbers and variables can be tested to determine correlation and the impact something has with almost any scenario. While this class wasn’t particularly challenging for me and future stats classes don’t contribute to my major, I really hope I can take more because it just makes sense to me. I remember being so frustrated with calculus in high school and then statistics being like a breathe of fresh air, it really is topic that I understand. However, the most challenging thing about this class was the number of tests required to memorize and the different conditions belonging to each one. The hardest part was differing between two test that both seemed to fit the context, but other than that the rest was fairly easy.

lab report two (Spring 2020)

This is one of the reports I completed that was looking to determine if there was a difference in the mean battery life of different battery brands.