Service for me has always been about the acts that may go unnoticed, but create an impact. I don’t think that giving and helping others needs to be recognized because the purpose isn’t to have the attention on you, but to instead improve the life of another. I view service as a multitude of things on varying levels. Service is staying behind to help a classmate with a topic they’re struggling on or giving up a Sunday to participate in volunteering. I feel many see service as a requirement, like it something that needs to be done when it is actually something that you should want to do. I think too many people get caught up in the number of hours dedicated to volunteering and getting recognition of their good deeds instead of focusing on the positive impact they’ve caused. I believe the best acts of service are those done with no intent of self-gain, but to purely want to aid others. When I participate in any act of giving or help, it genuinely makes me feel good and happy. That’s why I think it’s such an important pillar that Longwood focuses on. If helping others for the sake of wanting to aid them makes you feel good at the same time, then I think its something that should always be encouraged to participate in. Service doesn’t have to be over the top, it can be a simple act to lighten someones load who desperately needed it or provide faith to those who were in need of a helping hand. While at Longwood I’ve been lucky to have opportunities to both provide service and receive service. I’m glad Longwood made it one of the pillars because I believe a strong community and family is built on the foundation of service and acting to help those in need.