CHEM 350

Quantitative analysis holds a special place in my heart. Not only was it was my last honors class, but it was also the last class I needed to complete my chemistry minor. This class probably gave me some of the strongest anxiety before I ever even started it. I heard from so many that it would be the hardest class I ever took and that I would regret my chemistry minor because of it. Well. I showed this class who was the boss. Not only did I get an A, but I actually really enjoyed it. The complete dependency on math and following the rules in this course made me love it. There is nothing better than having patterns to follow and math to prove it. It was by far one of my most challenging classes, but it was also one of the most satisfying. I loved all the labs we conducted and for the most part I loved the material too. I really enjoyed revisiting equilibrium, balancing equations and most especially titration curves. It made me realize that maybe I do want to explore more of the chemistry side after college when looking for lab positions, and that I am ok with doing extra math by hand. I also really liked my professor, Dr. Rhoten, who made me feel like a great student and encouraged me along the way. My biggest challenge with this course was that there was just an overwhelming amount of information to know, so it felt suffocating at times. Definitely a class one cannot procrastinate in.

The group lab project that was worked on the majority of the semester was on the determination of nitrate in aqueous solutions. This was fun because we were making a whole new lab that Dr. Rhoten hadn’t tried out before, so it was a guessing game the whole time!

Determination of Nitrate in Aqueous Solutions (Fall 2022)