HONS 321

This course is called Sustainable Brain for Global Change, and is centered around the actions and behaviors we do everyday, and how this impacts the environment around us. It went into a lot of background on the mental models we use and how our societies have greatly shaped the way we act. This course was really interesting because we focused on a lot on how we can bring change to those around us and the methods needed to ensure it. I learned some pretty cool stuff in this course and I know it definitely made me more conscious of the choices I make, because almost all of them can come back to impact me one day. For a majority of the course we had to focus on sustainable behavior change we wanted to see implemented, and I chose reducing electrical energy consumption in households. It was interesting to learn facts that I was completely unaware of and then to tell others about them. I’m hoping a lot of the changes my classmates talked about get brought about one day because the world would definitely be a greener place. My professor also made this class really enjoyable, you can tell he really cares about this topic and wanted his students to feel the same way. He gave so much support and genuinely did everything he could to help his students succeed.

Here is my final podcast on reducing electrical energy and the habits needed to make that change! (Spring 2021)

How reducing electrical energy use makes you greener in two ways