BIOL 342

I actually really enjoyed biogeography more than I expected. I wasn’t sure what this class would entail and if I would like the content, but almost all of the topics covered were really interesting. This course made me think about connections I had never thought of before, and explained so much of why things are the way they are today. I never realized that location or access to different materials could have such a large impact on not only ones local community, but how it could influence interactions between communities on different continents. I think the topic that came up that influenced me the most was titled “Guns, Germs and Steel,” and it basically argues that ones geography leads to inequalities in resources, wealth, and power observed among human societies. In other words, it is called being “geographically lucky,” because different societies can get ahead due to their advantages, which allows them to expand and conquer more, leading to an increase in power and technological advancements. Either way, this class was just really interesting and I enjoyed the way it made me think differently, rather just learn and memorize information. It also covered a huge range of topics, so I was never bored in the class which was a definite plus.

Here is my discussion reply to the topic I talked about above.

Geographically Lucky Discussion Board (Spring 2021)

We also had to write a review paper on an animal that saw a change over time in geographical history, so I chose the giant sloth!

The Biogeographic History of Sloths (Spring 2021)