Community plays an important role in my life that I hold close to my heart. Before Longwood, there weren’t many I considered to be included within my community, asides from a few friends, my family and my athletic teams. Now I have a whole new appreciation and understanding of community. Longwood is my home and community; I now see why others took such great pride in their universities. I have come to love and adore every aspect of Longwood and the families it has provided me. For me, my communities include the whole of Longwood, but also the women’s soccer team I’m on, my friends in Honors and LIFE STEM and the professors I’ve gotten to know. I  have never felt to accepted and wanted before coming to Longwood and it makes me so happy to have families with the same drive and passions as me. With the communities I’ve come to belong to, the people within have made me feel more confident and more supported; I know that they just want to help me grow. These communities allow me to learn more about different and unique individuals and the opinions they hold. Due to community, I’ve been able to become a stronger version of myself and gain support for the future I hope to achieve. Farmville and all the people within have provided me with the best sense of community and I’m so excited to experience it even more for the next 3 years.

My amazing soccer team here at Longwood 🙂