BIOL 324

Genetics was one of those classes that I bounced back and forth between really understanding the information and then also getting really lost. There was a lot of material that I was familiar with and had already seen a couple of times while at Longwood, but some of the new material would leave me a little confused. But I found that with studying and asking questions it was an ok class to take. I find it hard to reflect on this class because I don’t feel like there is a lot to remember to reflect on, it was just one of those classes I showed up to and tried my best to get an A in. To be honest, I took this class during a very stressful semester, which included a knee surgery that left me on crutches for 2 months, so I think my mind was in autopilot. However, I did come away with a research opportunity, as I was able to join Dr. Beach for a research project dealing with metagenomics and bacteria in rainwater harvesting systems, so that was pretty cool. Overall a good class, just not very memorable.

Dr. Beach’s research usually deals with something beer related, so for our class project we worked on altering flocculation levels by swapping the promoter of a targeted yeast strain. The poster we presented is found below.

Promoter Swap of Targeted Yeast Strain and its Change in Flocculation Levels (Spring 2022)