BIO 326

I am not even going to lie. I hated this class. The style of teaching that was implemented for this class made it so excruciating when trying to learn that it was almost impossible. It is bad enough the Cell biology focuses on such small, detailed topics, but when that is combined with rushed lectures that cover over 100 slides in one period, with not even 30 seconds on a slide, I was left not even knowing if I had questions or not. Asides from the teaching, the content was also terrible. I definitely do not like learning about the metabolic processes and pathways within cells. I think I have learned about the Kreb cycle 5 times now and I still don’t understand it. Overall this was a class I was glad to be done with and would not willingly take again!

The artifact for this class is my final lab research paper, where we had to look at how transcription factors impacted expression of different genes. My group looked at insulin and transcription factor dFOXO.

Suppression of Gene Expression Following Knockdown of Transcription Factor dFoxo (Fall 2021)