The Art of Film 1 (ENGL 356)

Attached above is one of the ten film analyses I completed throughout this class. For each analysis we were asked to choose one film technique seen in any scene of our choice and describe when the technique occurs, what the technique is typically used to demonstrate, and why the technique is used within the specific scene. These assignments required the students to be able to identify film techniques throughout the entirety of the movie as well as focus on one and analyze its importance to the movie.

This class taught me a new way to look at movies understand why film techniques are so important. Without film techniques, movies would not be as entertaining to watch and it would be harder to understand implied information throughout the film. Since this class, I haven’t been able to watch movies the same way because I am aware of the different techniques being used and like to pay attention to those as well. It is also very fun to share this information with others and try to explain to them the importance of the techniques in movies we watch.