Ted-talk PowerPoint

This assignment of putting together a ted-talk presentation on a topic of our choice and presenting it to the class fulfilled the course outcomes of practicing oral communication skills to present content effectively and conducting research to create content for a variety of professional documents. When presenting to the class, we were able to practice our oral communication skills which was extremely beneficial. The ability to choose a topic we were passionate about made presenting easier as we were more comfortable with the information in our PowerPoints. To find the information for the presentations, we were required to do research on our chosen topic to ensure the information was correct. The topic I chose for this assignment was how constant exposure to loud noises, such as music, can affect out hearing. This assignment taught us the importance of oral communication in the field of professional writing. While many may think that oral presentations would not fall under this field, the professional writing class enhanced my knowledge on how to give the best presentation to your audience. I specifically practiced connecting with my audience by asking them to participate in my talk by raising their hands and preparing myself to answer any questions they may have after the presentation. The challenge I faced during this assignment was staying in the required time, as when I get nervous I tend to talk fast. To overcome this challenge, I practiced giving my presentation to my friends multiple times to make sure I was comfortable with the information and knew when I needed to slow down my pace. Overall, this assignment helped me to become a more confident public speaker and I am grateful for the experience.