Music as an Agent of Change (MUSC 325)

Attached above is the final paper assigned to us in this class. We were given a prompt to choose five songs from the many we learned throughout the semester that we think had the biggest impact on the world when it was released. This paper was difficult for me in many ways including choosing such a small amount of songs to write about and finding adequate sources that could help me lengthen the paper. However, I found the paper extremely interesting to write and think it was one of my favorite assignments throughout the semester.

This class was one of my favorites that I have taken at Longwood due to the professor and topic of the class. Dr. Kinzer was obviously passionate about the topic and made it extremely easy to pay attention during classes. The class was a perfect mixture of music and history and had a manageable workload as well. To this day, I still talk about the history behind songs that we learned about in this class when I hear them and continue to use the knowledge.