Bad-news Memo

The assignment of creating a bad news memo based on a rhetorical scenario of our choosing fulfilled the course outcome of analyzing and producing writing genres according to the rhetorical situation of workplace contents. Everyone has to deliver bad news at least once in their lifetime and learning the principles of how the bad news could best be expressed, both inside or outside of the workplace, is extremely beneficial. For example, in this memo we are prompted to use an indirect approach by waiting until the second paragraph to state the bad news and using other techniques such as a nod or buffer. This assignment taught me that while professional writing is often concise and to the point, it is okay to create buffers and present the material in a positive way if possible. For me personally, the practice of creating these buffers was extremely beneficial although challenging due to my lack of experience with this specific type of professional writing. The professors assistance in providing information and examples of bad news memos was extremely beneficial and helped me overcome that challenge. Overall, after the completion of this memo I feel more comfortable with this specific genre in professional writing and know that I could confidently write more in the future.

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