The assignment of creating a brochure on a topic of our choice fulfilled the class learning outcomes of creating professional documents that use plain English principles and creating professional documents using design principles. In order to create an effective brochure following both the design and plain English principles are extremely important. For example, I chose to create a brochure to promote a Speech Language Pathology Private Practice that I made up. To follow the plain English principles, I focused on areas of my writing such as making sure I stuck to my target audience, used words that the audience would easily understand, and sticking to the brochure topic. To follow design principles in this assignment, I made sure the photos int he brochure were relevant and the overall spacing of the words and photos were pleasing to the eye. This assignment taught me the importance of visual appeal in professional writing. If the audience does not find the visual of a brochure appealing, it will not catch their attention enough for them to read it. I used this assignment as an opportunity to practice making my documents visually appealing and catching the attention of my intended audience. One of the rhetorical tools I utilized to do this was the use and creation of a logo. The challenge I faced while completing this brochure was fitting all of the information I wanted to express in an appealing way. To overcome this challenge I made sure to focus on the information that was needed the most as well as provide an option to learn more information elsewhere. Overall, this was one of my favorite assignments this semester because it allows me to use my creativeness in a different way than in other documents such as papers.