Professional Report

The assignment of creating a professional report with a group fulfilled many of the course outcomes including: participating productively in collaborative projects, conducting research to create content for a variety of professional documents, and analyzing and producing writing genres according to the rhetorical situation of workplace contexts. We worked in groups of three to complete this report and had to find the best way to work together as a group. My group decided to split up the sections of the report in order to make sure everyone was productive and it worked extremely well for us. We also had to conduct research for our rhetorical situation. The rhetorical situation for this report was that my group was a firm, who specialized in making college and university websites accessible to current and incoming students. We were hired by Longwood University to make a recommendation report on their current website based on the websites of three other Virginia universities. For our research, each group member chose a university in Virginia to complete an analysis on and compare the website to that of Longwoods. In this project we learned the importance of the eight c’s in professional writing. For example, we utilized many of the c’s such as being concise, clear, and complete. All of these played an important role of making sure the report was accurate in our rhetorical situation. We practiced these c’s throughout our drafts and hope that we perfected them in our final. One challenge we came across during this assignment was formatting. We were only provided one example of a professional report to base our assignment on and often felt that we did not know the correct formatting. To overcome this challenge, we addressed the example report as much as possible and used all feedback from our professor to our advantage. Overall, this assignment was extremely beneficial as I had no idea what a professional report looked like before creating our own. Now that I know the basis of these I am confident that I will continue to better my writing in this genre of professional writing in the future.